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Product Combination

One concept - countless possibilities

B. Braun offers all the products to create a complete infusion system - everything from drug admixture and infusion to venous puncture. All our components are modular and can be put together to create a safe and effective infusion system. You can order both standard products or customized products and sets.

Customized Sets - Every single step from concept to customization

B. Braun B2B can design, combine and produce customized kits and procedure kits for dozens of applications and procedures. Your design options are virtually endless. Our Set Packing Service lets you combine different products. Our standard products can be used in assemblies and packed in customized kits. Pair one of your products with one of ours. Combine two of our products to create a hybrid device with added benefits. Or choose device components from other therapy fields. The possibilities are limited only by your creativity.

B. Braun’s specialists can help you develop a customized set based on your specifications. Our project management team helps ensure combined products meet your expectations. Let’s talk about your design ideas.

Kit Packer Supply

Our range of products covers almost all therapy needs. Choose from our standard products and create your set based on your needs. We can also provide non-sterile versions of our products.


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Omnifix coloured plunger
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