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Publication Caiman® 5 A prospective observational study investigating postoperative hemorrhage after laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy using Bipolar Seal and Cut Caiman® (Aesculap AG)
Publication Caiman® 5 Peri-Operative Outcomes after Open and Robot-Assisted Radical Cystectomy by Using an Advanced Bipolar Seal and Cut Technology (Caiman®): A Prospective, Comparative and Multi-Institutional Study
Publication Caiman® 5 Comparison between Caiman® and Ligasure® in laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy: A retrospective study of 200 patients
Publication Caiman® 5 Caiman® versus LigaSure® hemorrhoidectomy: Postoperative pain, early complications, long-term follow-up, and costs
Publication Caiman® 5 Use of the radiofrequency Caiman® Aesculap® Grasper in three different laparoscopic urologic procedures with video
Publication Caiman® 5 Evaluation and comparison of contemporary energy-based surgical vessel sealing devices
Publication Caiman® 5 Rationale, bench testing and in vivo evaluation of a novel 5 mm laparoscopic vessel sealing device with homogeneous pressure distribution in long instrument jaws
Publication Caiman® 5 Impact of radiofrequency energy on intraoperative outcomes of laparoscopic colectomy for cancer in obese patients
Publication Caiman® 12 Articulating Clinical impact of a surgical energy device in advanced ovarian cancer surgery including bowel resection

Instructions pour l'utilisation / Description technique Caiman®

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Caiman® 5 & Caiman® 5 Maryland
Caiman® 5 Articulating & Caiman® 5 Articulating Maryland
Caiman® 12 Articulating
Lektrafuse HF Generator GN200 Version 1.8
Lektrafuse HF Generator GN200 Version 2.0

Poster et brochure

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Quick Reference Guide Lektrafuse RF Generator Setting up the Lektrafuse System
pdf (196.4 KB)
Brochure Caiman® Instruments de fusion tissulaire
pdf (446.0 KB)
B. Braun Medical SA
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